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"I've been to brothels in Europe but this was the first time going to one in South America. I have to say it was quite a blast! It's more of a night club feel than a traditional lineup. I loved that we can walk around or just sit down and drink and watch a show. I definitely recommend!"

Sam P.
"Coming from Amsterdam I'm quite familiar with the red light district, escort, and whole prostitute scene. This is why I signed up for the tour to be guided and to learn more about how it differs from Amsterdam. Bill is quite knowledgable about the area and brothel scene. It blew my mind how things are set up over here and I can say that I will definitely book another tour to the other brothels."

Chris P.
"I was a little nervous about the tour but I've been to the Bunny Ranch in Nevada and I sort of expected it to be quite similar. However, it was a whole different experience as it feels like you are in a club. Bill guided me and translated for me what I wanted to ask the girl and I can say I'm quite satisfied. You can't beat this level of entertainment!"

John H.
"I wasn't sure what to expect from the Geisha tour as I have never been to a brothel yet alone Peru. Bill made me feel comfortable and safe as he is quite knowledgeable about the area and knows English. Overall, I highly recommend to try it out as it was quite an unforgettable experience for me."  

Mark A.

“You got the dough, We got the hoe.”



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